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Get Involved

Ways to Get Involved with the American Haitian Foundation:


   AHF Board Member, Betty Miles, with children from the Rural Chapels of Petite Riviere de Nippes

Volunteer Locally

If you are interested in getting involved with the American Haitian Foundation, a good way to help out is to volunteer locally on Signal Mountain, TN.  Events such as the AHF"Hot-as Haiti" yard sale take place on Signal Mountain. One way to help is to donate items to the yard sale.  All items are greatly appreciated.  Another way to help is to contact us to assist in the gathering and organizing of items.  Lastly, please attend our yard sale to help fund the American Haitian Foundation.

Travel to Haiti

One of the greatest ways you can help Haiti is by going, seeing, and learning about the conditions these people live in and how they struggle everyday for things that we take for granted.  Hearing other's stories is moving, but having your own experience is invaluable. The difference your contribution will make is more than apparent when you see and meet the people it helps with your own eyes.  Contact the foundation if you would like to go to Haiti or would like more information on visiting there 

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