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The School

The school includes grades K-12, and is situated on top of a hill overlooking the ocean to take advantage of the most natural light possible.  Enrollment is currently right at 800 children, and students are taught on the French system. After the highest level, they take a national test to qualify for graduation.  The school has a graduation rate of about 20% for various reasons, mainly because most kids cannot afford to stay enrolled and are forced to get jobs.  The average commute everyday is 3 miles, and those who are enrolled are extremely determined to attend classes.  Those who live farther from the school stay in a dormitory located next to the building.

Students are provided with classrooms, uniforms, and a daily meal.  The classrooms are very plain cement walled with desks and a chalkboard that is often difficult to see.  The school can provide very little in the form of textbooks, paper, and general school supplies.  The only financial support that comes into the school goes to paying the 79 employees that work there.  These employees include teachers, a principle, kitchen staff, and others.

The school is very proud of all their graduates, many of whom go on to further their education and four of whom are currently enrolled in dental school.

The School is located in the Haitian village of Petite Riviere de Nippes. It was a blessing for the villagers. Arch-bishop Christophe Pierre of Haiti was very pleased with the new school. The school first served as a fallout shelter, it protected the villagers from the effects of Hurricane George. The school was initially the idea of Father Herve Granjean pastor of the St. Antoine de Padoue church located in Port-au-Prince which is seventy miles east of Petite Riviere de Nippes. Granjean met with Jack Davidson, and his pastor Father Paul Valleroy of the St. Augustine parish located in Signal Mountain, Tennessee to discuss his idea of the construction of a new school. Father Granjean used funds from flea markets, and art sales to help raise money for the construction of the school. He helped raise four hundred thousand dollars for the building materials. The school is three stories tall. It has the look of a Caribbean resort because it's located on a hill that overlooks the sea. The school feeds five hundred and sixty students daily. The school offers students the opportunity to learn English, and a trade which allows them to become more successful in their lives.

Brunel Thimothe is the General Director of the Petite Rivere School.  He is a Civil Engineer.  Brunel studied and received a diploma from the Institute Richard Leconte from 1976 to 1979. He also studied Law and EconomicSciences at Faculte de Droit et des Sciences Economiques from 1972 to 1976.He also received a certificate from Port-au-Prince in studying Law and Economic Sciences. It's clear that the primary classes and the secondary classes have been successfully completed. He speaks and writes English,Spanish, French, and Creole.

Rebe Villard is the Pedagogical Director for the secondary classes. He teachesMathematics.Fedner Charles is the general watcher. He teaches Social Sciences fromseventh grade to "Philo" (14th grade). He has completed the secondaryclasses and was in a college in Gonaives studying Law and Economic Sciences.

Saul Jean Robert Jean Brice has studied Education Sciences at a College inGiquini, Haiti. He successfully completed the primary and secondary classes.He teaches French and Haitian literature.

Josil Reginald is a Bio-Chemist. He studied Bio-Chemistry at CHEMTEK.

Germain Louis is a physics teacher. He studied computer sciences at UNIQUA,a college in Haiti. He completed his primary and secondary classes,respectively, in a home city school and in College Notre Dame du Perpetuel Secours in Cap Haitian.

Toussaint Marckenzy has a college education. He studied law and economicsciences for one year and Business Administration for 2 years at UNIQUA, acollege in Haiti.

Dady William teaches English and Spanish. He has a college education. Hestudied languages in Faculte linguistique Appliquee, which is a Haitian College.

Leon Elien has a college level education since he spent one year in a collegeat Port-au-Prince studying Sciences of Education. Raymond Bernadotte has a Cikkege kevek. He spent 2 years at UNAP.

Larenard Wilfrantz has completed the primary and secondary classes successfully.  

On Site Administrative Personnel

  • Father Herve Granjean, Director, Founder
  • Engineer Brunel Thimothe, Principal
  • Emmanuel Pressoir, Treasurer
  • Jean Villard Rene, Director in the Educational field and reports to the Principal
  • Antoine Granjean, In charge of the Administration and reports to the Treasurer
  • Charles Fedner, Watcher and reports to the Director in Educational field
  • Horore Francois, Director of the Junior high school and reports to the Principal
  • Nyrline Jeanne Delva, Director of the kindergarten and reports to the Principal


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