Dear Friends

Saturday morning  a little after 8am EST a 7.2 earthquake occurred in Haiti  near  L Asile about (42km) 26 miles from our school in Petite Riviere DeNippes. Preliminary reports show no damage visible on the  outside of the school inspection, however it will need to be inspected by a structural engineer to determine the situation before we can safely use it . The retreat house has no visible damage outside but some damage on the inside.  Thank God that this happened on a Saturday when school was not in session.  There is damage to a number of buildings in town including Monolo's INN where many of us have stayed. Cities like LaKay and Jeremie have also received considerable damage. I will try to keep you updated as the situation evolves. If any of you receive updates please feel free to share with the group.   Please pray for our friends in Haiti.

God Bless You
Jack Davidson Dir.
 American Haitian Foundation


As a result of the Saturday earthquake we found homes were destroyed in the area and people in the community of Petite Riviere De Nippes have been displaced. 

As was the case in 2010 many Haitian people are afraid to enter their homes because of recurring aftershocks and are sleeping outside. 

Today the AHF is in the process of setting up a community feeding and clean water center on our school grounds to help provide basic needs for our students and the needy of the community.

The attached pictures are of some of the damaged homes in Petite Riviere De Nippes. If you would like to help in our efforts to feed  earthquake victims in our area you may donate at . You can also receive weekly updates by following us on  .


Yesterday, the American Haitian Foundation set up a feeding center at our school in Petite Riviere De Nippes.  The food was prepared over charcoal fires and we served meals for about 500 needy children and adults.  We will try to continue this effort as long as the need for food and clean water exists in the area.  This relief effort is made possible by your kind donations and continued prayers. Thank You!

If you would like to help in our efforts to feed  earthquake victims in our area you may donate at . You can also receive weekly updates by following us on

Originally written on 09/22/2021

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your help and generosity for our mission in Haiti. Because of your earthquake relief efforts during the past month, the American Haitian Foundation was able to provide approximately 600 cooked meals each day for the needy people in Petite Riviere De Nippes and the surrounding area. In addition, Monsignor Granjean and our Haitian staff, working with Mission of Hope, were able to deliver more than 100 boxes of food (21,000 meals) from Feed My Starving Children to people in L Asile, a devastated town very near the epicenter of the earthquake. 

School opening was delayed until October 4th, however I believe that date could be further postponed because of continued aftershocks like another 4.2 magnitude tremor on Sunday we experienced very near the location of the original quake.

We had a team of structural engineers check the school who determined damage to the interior. We are currently awaiting their report and recommendations as to what we will have to do to make the structure safe for the return of our students. Our interim plan is similar to what we did after the quake of 2010. We will utilize the single story out buildings within the walls of the school complex to continue with our mission of educating and feeding the1000 children at our school.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers. We are always grateful for donations at For weekly news about our activities, please follow and like us at

God Bless You,
Jack Davidson, Director

American Haitian Foundation