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American Haitian Foundation has two core initiatives, education and nutrition.  Extending from these core initiatives are secondary areas of focus in health, technology, special projects and community. The American Haitian Foundation creates a comprehensive and holistic approach, providing the children it educates and nourishes the broadest base of support for success. 

The aerial picture below is AHF's school facility known as Complex Educatif St. Aintoine (CESA), the educational facility where AHF's daily operations take place.


The American Haitian Foundation provides a high-quality education for 1,000 students from pre-school to grade 13 at its school, Complexe Educatif St. Antoine (CESA) in Petite Riviere de Nippes, to give children hope for a brighter future. Children begin their education as 3 and 4 year olds in our Pre-school, and move up to Kindergarten before rising to the Primary School followed by the Secondary School and Upper School. Academic subjects are rigorous, following a liberal arts curriculum, with monthly and quarterly testing to show progress and identify any needs. In their final year students must pass a mandatory national test to graduate. 

St. Antoine School consistently ranks in the top tier of schools in Haiti.

"The American Haitian Foundation is well organized and has an outstanding history of using money wisely."

-Lucille Castro, New Jersey donor


Each child enrolled at Complex Educatif St. Antoine receives a hot meal of vitamin and protein-enriched rice every school day. AHF serves over 5,000 meals each week, keeping students healthy and able to stay in school and learn effectively. Staff employed by The Foundation prepare and serve meals supplied in partnership with the Mission of Hope Haiti Foundation with food provided by Feed My Starving Children. 

For many of the children, this is the only nutritious meal they will eat each day. During times of hardship following earthquakes and hurricanes, the foundation has shared its food with others in the community who have lost homes and agricultural crops.

"I returned to Haiti in 2018 for a medical mission through the American Haitian Foundation.  I was impressed with the overall health of these children. We did bring medication with us, and were able to give de-worming pills to all of the CESA students, and treat minor ear infections, asthma bronchitis etc. But I have to say the overall health of these children is remarkable. You can tell that they are very well cared for and that daily meals are making a difference in their health, growth and cognitive development."

- Dr. Steve Harrold,
2018 Medical Mission Family Physician

    Haitian Kreyol Prayer Before Meals

    Manje sa-a, Ou voye a nou a PaPa, Manje, ki bay lavi.
    This food, You send for us our Father; it is the food of life.


    Medical missions to Haiti are made to monitor the general health of each student, update medical records and identify any children who need further attention. Medical teams have included pediatricians, physicians, nurses, PA’s, NP’s, dentists, mental health experts, massage therapists and physical therapists who work alongside Haitian volunteers.


    An array of solar panels on the roof of the school takes advantage of Haiti’s abundant sun for a free sustainable energy source. This powers electricity for classrooms, a computer lab and more.Children in our Primary School are introduced to computer science. These popular classes prepare students for advancing in upper grades. In 2014 AHF launched its first Adult Computer School. Graduates earn a Certificate of Computer Literacy after completing a rigorous one-year course.

    Special Projects

    The American Haitian Foundation, with generous support from business and individual donors, works hard to make regular building and improvement projects. Below are a few examples of our projects but if you dream of a new project that you'd like to support, we invite you to please share it with us.

    Permanent concrete Pre-school/Kindergarten wing
    Adult Computer School
    Wall repair and Roof renovations following Hurricane Matthew
    California Thrift Shop
    Solar/Electrical Grid and Classroom Electrical Outlets
    New Restrooms and Hand Washing Station
    Covered Pavilion in school yard for community events
    Installed clean water system/deep well/fresh water with support by Water for Life
    Four large septic tanks were dug to more efficiently handle sanitary waste disposal for restrooms
    New playground equipment
    New kindergarten classroom tables and chairs
    New roof and floors for food containers
    New entrance gate